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Monday, November 19, 2007

Majlis kawin @Singapore

alo...alo...ade org tak?...
fuh..lame tak singgah kat blog nih..
dan lame tak mengupdate kan diri...sory yer sume...
bahan ade byk utk melampaui segalannya...
cite pasl raya...cite pasl gi mlk(ronggeng2)..cite nk masuk degree...byk btol..
tp kalo aku cite skrg..mcm dh it be...;)
tp aku rase..utk cite kali nih..
aku kene post gak..kalo tak..kalo tak..kalo tak..
tkde pape pon ;)
ermm...let me start the setori
Jom Jalan2 n Majlis Kahwin Jamal-Yanti & Juana-Feroz @ Singapore...
the story begin...
afta class...ready to packing2..then had a sleep for a little while...waiting for my father to reach cyberjaya...then at 12 a.m..shoot to S'pore
reach j.b at 5.30 a.m then go to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque..then had a bfast near the mosque..

at 8 n ma family go to check-point..afta all matter settle...we wait at woodland point..wait for my uncle joe n aunty manisah..(btw uncle joe n aunty manisah is the parent to the newleyweed jamal n juana..)
afta reach the house...had a little breakfast...all of us look place to tired..arghh..i wake up about 2 o'clock..fuhh..
then bout 3 p.m...we all go to geylang...(place for Malay COmMunity..)...had a cendol n shoping :)
@ nite..
we all hv family gathering...all gather at uncle joe house..full house!

afta dat,me n others arrange the table until morning..afta subuh prayer.then i tired orr...
wake up at late... my cousin to buy flower...first time i drive in spore..:-)
afta dat prepare to jamal's dinner at sembawang.

with julie(jamal younger sis)
bro jamal n wife
@nite..since there are many people at the place..n nothing i can i take oppurtunity to sleep early..:))
tmrw day is big many people will early in morning..i help in the kithen place..learn to cook little bit..:
then help to take care of the to top-up the same little bit..huhu..:)
afta whole thing is settle...we cleaned the place..
then at 10 ++ me have to go back to msia..
little bit sad coz have to leave spore..n all the family there..n also..all cute2 cousin..haha...
family @ singapore

that all for my entry now...hope u all rally enjoy read it...n forgive me for all the grammar mistakes n tungang terbalik line..

the moral of the story~ family comes first...


shakir said...

perghh rr sgpre x ajak dowh..uhuhu..

ingt lagi x jalan kat sana,

jom r bila2 lepak sana..:)

Ezzudden said...

gi ngan family ar bai..tkkn nk ajak member..
ermm..ingat tuh..ingat ar kalo nk gi rongeng2 kat sane...leh contact cousin aku..tarak hal..