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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Farewell Message from Prof Datuk Dr. Ghauth Jasmon

To All Beloved MMU Staff , Students, Alumnis and Friends.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah and Warmest Greetings.

Notice of Ending of Service in MMU

Please allow me to inform you all that time has come for me to make a move
from this beloved university. I came into this institution 11 years ago to
build what was the government’s desire i.e. the first private university
in Malaysia. It has been a long journey and by the grace of the Al-Mighty,
my term as President has been determined to end on 31st December 2007.

I wish to take this opportunity to record my highest gratitude and
appreciation to all of you – staff, students, alumnis and friends of MMU
for all the interest, support and contribution given to this
Without your involvement and contribution over the 11-year history, it
would have been impossible for MMU to have travelled this distance and I
am therefore greatly indebted to you all. A million thanks always to you

May I also beg for your kind forgiveness should there have been anything,
in all these years, that I may have done resulting in injustice or
unhappiness to anyone of you. I am deeply sorry for this, and I can only
tell you that I am only human and as such I am not free from making
mistakes. If I have personally borrowed from anyone anything material and
I have not returned them, please do contact me urgently via
ghauth@gmail. com.

Let me finally end this short note by wishing you all
every happiness and
success in all your endeavours, that your life shall continuously be
guided and protected by the Al-Mighty, and I do sincerely hope that our
friendship shall continue forever beyond the perimeter of this beloved

Most Sincerely From Your Friend,
Ghauth b. Jasmon.
(28th December 2007)

Dpt email org foward...n terdetik nk post kat sini gak...
Selamat Tinggal Prof Ghauth Jasmon..

Lepas nih dh takde ar cite ter'best' buat student2 baru yg masuk MMU...
sape yg skrg kat MMU

tau ar cite ape...alaa..cite die kat overseas tuh...
yg tiap2 tahun di ulang tuh..huhuhu

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James Chow said...

Hi, please allow me to link to this page, thanks. You have a great blog!

Anonymous said...

i've heard that THIS prof will be replacing NC UM, Datuk Rafiah Salim... may the force will be always be with you...

Ezzudden said...

to anonymous>ya..he will be new NC of UM..ive updated bout it already in my latest post..