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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oppa Kahwin?...walauweiii..

Salam semua..

just a simple update..nothing much to update actually..nothing special happen to me recently..
just want to post bout Abg Faruq wedding..a.k.a OPPAA!!!..
our Peue Aceh Oppa will marry soon..2.08.2008 and 23.08.2008 is the wedding ceremony..
u can get the information from the website he created specially for his jimat need to send invitation card...i also want to do like him lor for my wedding..hehe..

(click here)

hope there will be a convoi again to oppa weeding ceremony like Abg Fik wedding...

p.s will bz again until next week...:(


shici.shorty said...

jom g kt kuala tganu tu.
mane miss ruby?
jom ajak missruby gakz.

Ezzudden said...

haha..tgk la dlu...dgn keadaan skrg RM 2.70..mcm agak susah nk gi travel jauh2..hehe..

ruby said...

mizz ruby here..we all plan naek bus p baling..yg belah pompuan..tido umah kak salmy..laki umah mr badget..ape macm??mau join??huhuhu!!!

Ezzudden said...

to miss ruby..hmm..ok gak idea mcmne org yg dari kl?..tkpe2..nnti diskuss time mmu award...ok?

ruby said...

uhuhu!! we all akan turun kl and same2 p pudu!!! tlg jaga mizz ruby!!! takot p pudu!!! huahauah!!

sitinurkhadijah said...

ecece. ms ruby tkot la kunon.
errr korunk mau g kedah ek.
ermmm :-?