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Friday, July 11, 2008

CCIP and frens

hello semua...

tkde feeling la nk nk letak gambar je la..

just nk update pasal CCIP...Cross Cultural Integration Programme

aku komiti gak dalam CCIP nih...just one of the
comitte tuk Malay Division...

tp yg lagik best nyer adalah CCIP nih..ramai member OC aku lepak2 ngan diorg ar...

First day
with chee wei,cat,n qreez

first time play chinese drum far no one defeat me..:))

cultural night

after the nite
with da OC
with cat n ping ting(my mortal)

2nd day

with ah soo wei yoke at chinese mock wedding..

lion dance

3rd day
with afiq,suresh and mamat at Indian Mock weeding

last day(Grand Dinner)

i dont buy the ticket..but i come for have fun with all..hehe

with qrez as korean lady
with the traditional lengloii..hehe
with best waiter of the tharan..
with da oC

its the end of the CCIP 08...see ya next year!!

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